Palm City Art Associates

Sharon Roselli,


Lois Brusko, Trustee

The new PCAA board for 2020-2022

Alice Shann,


The Kane Center

Salerno Road, Stuart

Curator: Sharon Roselli

Cleveland Clinic Wellness & Rehab, 3066 SW Martin Downs Blvd. Palm City

Co-Curators: Betty Betes & Carol Rohde

Laura Tiano, Secretary

Joyce Gioeli,


​​​​​2020-2022 Board of Directors,

Trustees and Committee Chairs

Sharon Roselli........................President

Diane Raymond...Vice President

Laura Tiano........………..Secretary

 Joyce Gioeli.......……....Treasurer

 Trustees: Alice Shann (past president), Lois Brusko and Barbara Schmitz 


 Committee Chairs:

 Art Show Curator....Betty Brain

 Holiday Party…….Susan Clifford

 Membership…...Diane Raymond

 Demo Program……..Alice Shann

 Website………….........Patty White

Scholarships….Betty Mulholland

about PCAA


Dear Members & Visitors,

Welcome new friends, guests and members. The new board assumes our duties in this most unprecedented time in history. We are humbled by the amazing accomplishments of our organization’s 35 year history and at the same time, we anticipate the many challenges we will face in our future due to this pandemic.

Our organization got its beginnings when a group of talented artists came together believing that nurturing our artistic peers and colleagues would  lead to a support group of limitless bounds. These ideals stand true today and they remain a source of great pride for all of us. 

Despite the unchartered challenges we now face, we will unite, stay safe and hold strong together. We also know art is often the first cut in uncertain economic times, but we will meet these challenges together. Our art will remain our therapy, as our camaraderie and friendships will sustain us; and our spirit and our culture will soon begin to thrive once again.  

If you have just found us online, or are hearing about our organization for the first time, please join us, we welcome you. Come to a meeting, introduce yourself and we know you will join our talented and friendly membership. ​​

I'm available at 772.342.7300 or We look forward to seeing you in October and welcoming some new friends then as well. In the interim, please stay safe and healthy and create! Thank you for your continued support of Palm City Art Associates.


​                                                                                      Sharon Roselli

Barbara Schmitz, Trustee

Reuben's Breakfast & Lunch

3120 SW Martin Downs Blvd., Palm City

Curator:  Bruce Wells.

President, Sharon Roselli

The  Palm City Chamber of Commerce, also on Martin Downs Blvd. Co-curators Betty Betes and Carol Rohde.

Diane Raymond, Vice President


PCAA Scholarship Committee, led by Chair Betty Mulholland (center) includes L-R: Galen Guberman, Sue Winocur, Betty, Kendra Deltano and Joyce Gioeli. 

PCAA partners with 4 local venues to display artwork on an ongoing basis.  Each venue has a curator(s) to manage change-outs in the spring & fall.  We enjoy highlighting the sold artwork in Brushstrokes newsletter & here on our website. ​