Palm City Art Associates

Lois Brusko

​​​​​At the meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 13  we enjoyed an amazing oil painting demo by Mallo Bisset and her dancing palette knives. A relatively new artist, Mallo began painting only 11 years ago, but she sells an enormous quantity of her work and has built a following both locally and internationally.

Thank you, Mallo.


Meeting & demo schedule for 2020:

Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020 at 1pm  ….. At our February meeting, we will be treated to a demo by artist / member Corinne Curreri who is a painter in the true style of classical realism.  She studied under masters for many years in New York and will amaze you as she shares her old world skills and techniques practiced over many years. 

Wednesday, Mar. 11, 2020 at 1 pm  …… In our March meeting we invite Denise Justice, local teaching artist and PCAA member, to once again create a fun and entertaining acrylic painting with her understanding of tools, techniques and color theory.  Denise always draws a huge crowd for her demos, so mark this date to enjoy this one with us all.

​Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 1pm  …...  we are currently seeking a replacement for our April Demo artist. Plese check back here for more details soon. 

Mallo Bisset demo on November 13th

January 8th - Sumi E Demonstration -

This meeting inspired members with a Sumi E  painting demo by Barbara Schmitz using Chinese Brushes. Barbara, an award winning artist and long time member of PCAA, completed a demo of her dancing brushes and singing ink! in an illustration of the ancient technique known as Sumi E.  In demonstrating this ancient art form, Barbara shows the flowing color of nature with her bamboo, butterflies, fish and flowers as the focus of her body of creative work. 

The demo was done with the compliment of the overhead technology of the Blake Library. Thank you to Barbara for sharing your art and poetry with us and thank you to Craig and the staff at the Blake Library for such a memorable meeting. 

Thank you to Barbara Schmitz for the January 8th demo of the Sumi e art form, its history and its philosophy. It was inspiring. 

Thank you Barbara!

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Members enjoy special treats or cookies in our monthly meetings thanks to Lois Brusko, who chairs the refreshments committee and manages the schedule this year. Thank you, Lois.