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​We proudly support our PCAA member artists who also teach classes in many and varied art disciplines and skill levels across the Treasure Coast. If you are currently a PCAA member and you teach, please let us know so we can promote your classes here as well. 

PCAA partners with MD Village Club to offer classes in many mediums & skill levels with PCAA artists.  Check out the calendar & sign up for a class today. A portion of all class fees are donated to the Village Club and to the PCAA Scholarship Program. 

Patty White

Laura Tiano is the liaison for this venue, to  schedule classes, demos, art shows and/or  receptions.  


Diane Raymond

At the March 2020 meeting, members voted overwhelmingly to eliminate the escalating print costs for the hand-held member directory, and distribute it instead via email.  Members can then print it from their email if they chose to do so, or post it on their computer system to reference as needed. Sharon Roselli was on hand in the meeting with her laptop to illustrate how the directory will be sent out to the membership and how easily members can elect to print it themselves or post it on their system to refer to as needed.

An amazing 12 attendees participated in Sharon Roselli's Acrylic Pour Class there in February.

The new MD Village Club is large, new cultural arts center within Martin Downs and it's open to the public. If interested in class info, please contact Laura Tiano or sign up online atMartinDownsVillageClubPreserve.

Sandy Lillis

​Some fun oil class participants.

Toby tried oils for the first time ever.

Tom Forster

​​​Please check back here often to see all the latest news & notes of interest. You might even find a picture of yourself or your artwork!

Or send along any news or photos to Patty White, for us to post here for you.

​See you here again soon!

Patty White Webmaster

Kenra Deltano's first oil painting, done in 2 Beginner's Oil classes.

Nancy Mich kicked off the classes there with a kid's watercolor class.

George Mey, who had never painted before, discovered he is quite talented in the Beginner's Oil class. 

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