2016 Annual Art Show Winners

Best of Show

Joan DuGan

1st place       Margaret Graleswki
2nd place       Susan Portfield
3rd place I      Judie Martens
1st place        Sylvia Wood
2nd place       Reenie McCallum
3rd place        Tony Chatowsky

1st place          Jonanna Masi
2nd place         Barbara Schmitz
3rd place          Barbara Brinley
Mixed Media
1st place           Billye Miraglia
2nd place          Suzi Robinett
3rd place          Sandra Stack

Honorable Mention to Judy MacDonald, Janice Rogers and Valerie Bonser.

SEASON 2015-16

Palm City Art Associates

Meeting/Member Show Dates: 2015 - 2016

October 14 - Karen Leffel Massengill

Colorful Boats in Watercolor

November 18 - Eduardo Santiago

Drawing Portraits in Charcoal Portrait

December 9 - Holiday Luncheon 

January 13 - Deborah Dockery

Exciting Color Using Pastel

February 4 - March 1 - Member Show (Part of Martin Arts Month)

February 10 - Eran Far

Creating the Abstract Landscape

March 9 - Chris Kling

Studio Painting vs Outdoor Painting

April 13 - Judy Mercer

Bright Color Foliage in Watercolor

May 11 - Scholarship Presentation